Best dog dna test for mixed breeds

When you go to dog parks you may have heard people talking about the dog’s breed and you will begin to look at your dog in a different light and you may not realise that your cat has a look which compels speculation at the family tree it belongs to.

When you think you are speculating and you like to know precisely which breed your cat or dog is then Orivet can help you find it out. The answer usually lies in the genes of your pet.

DNA testing for pets is surging in popularity, however it’s not only a fun aspect to know about the heritage of your pet. Learning the breed of your pet can also assist you in tailoring her tendencies. It may also assist you in being on the lookout for breed particular diseases that may crop up.

DNA Testing for Pets

How Dna Testing Can Work For Pets

DNA tests for pets contain everything you may need to gather DNA samples of pets. In a lot of cases, you need to swab the inside of the cheek with a specific brush made to collect the saliva cells that contain mainly DNA. When the samples have been collected you need to send them to the laboratory for testing and this is where they get analysed.

When at the laboratory, the DNA of the pet is extracted and it is then compared to the DNA of other pets. The laboratory has a breed database. The DNA tests that are available in the market retain a reference panel of different pet breeds. This is quite extensive, however the accuracy is also much dependent on the laboratory’s breed database size and also the amount of genetic markers that are available in the test.

For instance, a few reference panels might have just around 50 breeds and some others may have a few hundred. The tests that have low numbers are not as accurate when compared to those that have a huge number.

A lot of tests take at least 6 weeks to give results.


When you are curious about the breed of your pet or if you are interested to know the breed so that you can mitigate any future problems, DNA testing for your pet is beneficial. It is not something that substitutes regular screening however you should be aware that the results are not totally accurate. It depends a lot on the database that is available with the testing company, cost is also one of the factors that you must consider.

In any case having a pet that has a mixed breed that is called a mutt is beautiful! It is possible that you have a mutt too, however you need to make sure you get the DNA testing of your pet soon.

By Jockey