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We all animal lovers would have probably seen dogs and cats dressed up in cute pieces of clothing and looking absolutely adorable and would have probably wondered if it would be a good idea to dress up your own dogs and cats. Though it looks very adorable and enjoyable for us, does your pet really like the dog clothing accessories? Read further into the article to look at the various pros and cons of putting your dog in clothing.

Should you dress up your dog?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer for this question. You know your dog and its temperament the best. Does it like having all the extra attention and weight on its body or is it shy and like to be left alone other than play time. If you think your dog has the patience and is up for it then you should absolutely go ahead, buy some clothes from dog clothing boutiques and dress them up. But, if you think your dog is shy and may throw a fit when you are trying to dress them then it might be best to not attempt any such thing as it may harm the dog or even cause it to attack you, not because it wants to hurt you but because it wants to protect itself.

dog clothing accessories

Now, if you do decide to put your dog in clothes, make sure there are no hazards involved. Some dog clothing accessories might be too small and may cause a choking hazard for the dog. Other things like the dog over heating; scarfs and belts may get tightened while the dog is playing which could result in them getting hurt or even worse, which none of us would want. Thus keeping such little things in mind and keeping an eye on them all the time is necessary.

Some legit reasons to dress up your dog

 Some dogs with lighter coat and fur like Chihuahuas are usually cold during the winter months. A woolen coat along with a little hat and socks which you can find at various dog clothing boutiques prove to be very useful in keeping your dogs warm and protecting them from getting sick.

Another reason would be anxiety. Certain dogs feel more at east and comfortable in snug-fitting vests. It provides them with a sense of security and can be soothing for their anxiety. Next time if you are going to a loud and very crowded place with your dog, try putting them in such a vest, if they allow, it might help them be calmer.

In the end it all comes down to the dog. If it is comfortable putting on some clothing that you like, go for it. If it look uncomfortable or resists then it might be best to not force it.

By Jockey