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According to recent statistics, around 900 million dogs are roaming around the world and 80% of them are free-range. The Fédération CynologiqueInternationale (FCI)also known as The International Canine Federation has officially listed that there are 360 recognized dog breeds worldwide which can be subdivided according to their class: sporting, hound, working, herding, Terrier, toy, and non-sporting.

Dogs are man’s best friend

This saying has been circulating for how many years now. Some people believeit and some don’t. This disbelief is proven by the growing population of dogs that are abandoned in shelters nationwide each year. Based on the recent data, out of 7.6 million companion animals that are surrendered in shelters, 3.9 million of themare dogs followed by cats. The common reasons for abandonment are:

Lack of training

Pets in their early stage are like toddlers who need some training to be able toperform basic activities like pooping outside, showing obedience, and interacting in a friendly manner. Some people failed to consider these which resultsin behavior issues.

Different Dog

The owner’s lifestyle has changed.

Dogs are emotional creatures. If this is not filled by their human companion, this will make them sad particularly if left alone.

Relocation and Strict Pet Regulation

Some places have strict pet regulations that is why some pet owners chose their convenience while leaving their pets in shelters.

Inadequate time for petting

Work, family, and friends consume most of our time. Hence, when pet owners come home, they are already totally drainedto such a point they got no time for their pets to play.

Maintenance fees

Different Dog need different levels of maintenance such as grooming, regular checkup with their vets,and proper nutritionfor sensitive gut with each requires money.

Health issues

Dog medication is expensive that is why some pet owners, who cannot sustain the medical needs of their pets, chose to abandon them in shelters or deserted areas with the hope that there would be people who will rehome them.


Biting is the most problematic issue for dogs. For this reason, people automatically leave them in shelters.

Pet Congestion

Pet congestion is a common problem to some pet owners, who own pets in couples, that is why some of their offspring are either given as a gift to their relatives or end up in shelters.


Some people are allergic to dogs’fur, and some are not hygienic enough to remove the ticks and fleas from their dogs. As a result, some pet owners get them as well.

Temporary shelter

Lost or intentionally abandoned pets are provided with temporary shelter by those who have found them. But if the owner is not found, some were adopted and some were turned over to the shelters.

By Jockey