Pro Tips In Choosing The Best Food For Dogs

Dogs eat differently than humans. They have unique nutritional needs that simply cannot be satisfied by human food alone. That is why it is important that you provide them with the right combination of dog food. Just like you, they also need food that’s complete with the nutrients that they require.

Six Basic Nutrients Dog Needs

There are so many kinds of food that you can give your dog. But it is very important that you know that you are giving them a complete meal every single time. If that’s what you are hoping to do for your pooch then this article got you covered. Here are the most important things that you should look into when buying dog food online:

  • The dogs’ body tissues are made of proteins. And your dog can only make 13 of 23 amino acids that they need. These are the building blocks of proteins. The other 10 needs to come from the food that they eat. 
  • The carbohydrates that your dog needs come from plants, like grains and vegetables. They can also get it from sugars, starches, and fiber. Remember that carbohydrates help power the dogs’ tissues and also improve intestine health. 

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  • This is where your dog gets their energy. And everyone knows that no matter what the dog breed is, they can be a handful. They seem to have too much energy to spare. So make sure that the dog food you choose has linoleic acid, Omega-6, and Omega-3. These are not only energy-boosting nutrients but are also great for your dog’s skin and fur. 
  • Vitamins and Minerals. Like humans, dogs also need this to keep them healthy. These are needed for the chemical reaction processes in their body. For balanced dog food, make sure that it also contains Vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as calcium, phosphorus, and B-Complex vitamins.
  • Even if your dog loses all the body fat and probably half of their protein when they get sick, they can still survive. However, water is crucial because they would not be able to make it if they lose only 10% of the water that they need in their body. Remember that water makes up more than half of the bodyweight of an adult dog.

Proper Feeding Tips

It is very important as a dog owner that you truly understand when you should feed your dog. As advised by experts, it is recommended to feed on a schedule. For example, adult dogs should only be fed once or twice a day. There are large dogs that should have a controlled feeding of at least twice a day to avoid overeating.

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By Jockey